About Us

The Problem
When I started learning programming language in college, I found that there was a lack of simple programming codes with examples. Due to this it was really hard for students like me to find information that is simple to grasp.
In my free time, I started writing Programming codes in easy way and sharing them on thecompletecodes in 2018. I have started this as my hobby, so I try to give it a time for giving more and more easy programming codes.
 Our main focus at thecompletecodes is simplicity. There are programmers all over the world of different levels of programming experience and having different English proficiency. 

What we offer
Our goal at thecompletecodes is to create simple programming codes that are easy to read and understand. 
It is the group right now I am alone posting the programming codes as my hobby so later on I shall grow it as my full time job.

What we’re working on
The thecompletecodes is always working to make it better resource for our users. I constantly update our articles to improve their quality and correctness. I am also working on python and java and other programming languages nut now it is just starting so I am focusing mainly on C program and grow my blog.

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