Systems Analysis and Design

Systems Analysis and Design

System analysis and design is a complex, challenging, and simulating organizational process that a team of business and systems professionals uses to develop and maintain computer-based information systems. It is an organizational improvement process Information system are built and rebuilt for organizational benefits.
An important (but not the only) result of system analysis and design is application software i.e. software designed to support organizational functions or processes such as inventory management, payroll, or mark-sheet analysis. In addition to application software, the total information system includes the hardware and systems software on which the application software runs, documentation and training materials, the specific job roles associated with the overall system, controls and the people who use the software along with their work methods.
In systems analysis and design, we use various methodologies, techniques and tools that have been developed, tested, and widely used over the years to assist people during system analysis and design.

Methodologies are comprehensive, multi step approaches to systems development that will guide your work and influence the quality of your final product: the information system. Methodologies use a standard set of steps. A methodology adopted by an organization will be consistent with its general management style. Most methodologies incorporate several development techniques.

Techniques are particular processes that will help to ensure that your work is well thought-out, complete, and comprehensible to other on the project team. Techniques also provide support for a wide range of tasks like conducting interviews, planning and managing the activities in a system development project, diagramming the system’s logic, and designing the reports that the system will generate.

Tools are typically computer programs that make it easy to use and benefit from the techniques and to faithfully follow the guidelines of the overall development methodology.
To be effective, both techniques and tools must be consistent with an organizations system development methodology. These make easy for system developers to conduct the steps in methodology.

Importance of Systems Analysis and Design

Systems analysis and design is the collection of important activities that takes place when new information systems are being built or existing ones are changed. All the activities are needed to build good information systems. The systems developed by using systems analysis and design activities fulfill the requirements of organizations’ personnel.
Furthermore, we can develop information systems easily and rapidly because there are lots of supporting methodologies, tools, and techniques. The information system can be built in the most effective way. The systems also fit into an existing environment and will be very easy to use and maintain. By following the activities involved in systems analysis and design, we can develop high quality information system within allocated budget and time.

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